Capsule Cutter Cattle Recolte

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  • ※ Rated voltage: 100V (50 / 60Hz) / power consumption: 200W
  • Size: width of about 11.6 × depth 11.6 × height 23.3cm / Weight: about 1.04kg
  • The amount of the standard: up to about 200g (up to a cup of MAX line)
  • Material: ■ this body: ABS resin / ■ Cover: Toraitan resin / ■ Cup: Toraitan resin / ■ Blade: stainless / ■ original spatula: polyethylene
  • The set includes: ■ body / ■ cup / ■ blade / ■ cover / ■ original spatula


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Food processor can make gelato

Kapselcuttercator, Cook is a food processor, of course, you can enjoy various home-made sweets.
Powerful 4 blade in hard ingredients, such as commercially available ice cubes or frozen fruit quickly that crushed in between.
If Castle “ticking-mix-knead-crush-break”, do not need to move the attachments in all the work and then anytime your easily.

Cattle refers to the number 4 in France, represents a cutting edge product features 4.
Capsule cutter traffic than’s capacity is also UP.

Powerful cattle blade 4 blade!

By turning in a strong four-blade motor cups into ingredients chopped-you may want to paste.
Preparations such as chopped mince meat and vegetable dishes as well as commercially available solid ice or frozen fruit cooked up. Fluffy shaved ice and fruit 100% healthy gelato can also hand-made.

Parts simple and easy operation

Cup into the material, and then set the cover and body, to push!
Powerful motor of 24500 rotation/min. Put the liquid, cover with Silicon parts of the backflow prevention operation is also possible. It’s rubber coated non-slip hand switch. Using sharp stainless steel blade for sharpness.
Adopted durable Tritan plastic cup. Besides the main body is WASHABLE!

-Push [continuous]Keep pressing the push button.
How to do when want to smooth or granular materials is.

-Push [pulse]1 times second indication, press and release the repeat.
Want harsh initial response when cutting hard materials or materials, how to do time.



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